things that make up a good caterer in San Jose.

July 2, 2016 - Dishes

Just like many careers, catering requires a combination of skill, hard work, and training to succeed. Catering is a very wide area which needs specialization in terms of events you are able to handle. Deciding on which area to work in will purely depend on your interest, the need, and the expertise you have in that area.

The city of San Jose is known for holiday parties making it good for a person who is considering a holiday catering, thanksgiving catering or holiday party catering.

Holiday caterers have to handle such business matters like accounting, customer relations, marketing in addition to food they provide to their clients. Finding a way to stand out in the catering business in the city of San Jose needs a lot of innovation to make your catering business a success.


Successful holiday caterers in the city of San Jose must have below things:

1. Good cooking.

Holiday catering involves a lot of eating. However good the decoration is, if the food is not up to the standard expected, people will aways complain. You will need to hire experienced cooks who are able to give the customer what is expected.

2. Customer service

Good customer service skills are vital when it comes to catering business not only in San Jose but around the world. A satisfied customer will always give a good recommendation for your business. It is important for the staff to be trained on ways of achieving this as it might be the difference between the success and downfall of your business. You will be required to be persuasive,tactful and diplomatic as you will need to convince a customer to take your services.

3. Marketing

You might be offering very delicious holiday foods in the city of San Jose but with poor marketing, your phone will never ring since no one knows about you. Getting your business noticed is very important when it comes to holiday or thanksgiving catering. Good networking is very important by liaising with venue organizer, event planners, and friends who can offer referrals.

4. Food safety

A good caterer should always be aware and comply with the food safety requirement of the city. Training must be taken to understand what the law expects of you as going against it might lead you to very serious court battles.

5. Holiday caterers must be flexible and creative

Sometimes you will need to adjust some of the plans to cope with the interest of the client. You might need to adjust your menu to take care of people with food allergies or people with special requests. Being flexible and creative will make you triumph in situations like this. Always get a solution for most of the things a customer is requesting for.

6. Leadership

A caterer, regardless on the line you have specialized in, must manage her/his staff well. The staff should always be aware of what is expected of them in terms of customer service, quality of work and time keeping. The smooth running of the catering business will only be achieved if there is good leadership.

7. Business management.

Catering is not just offering good food and a nice decor, the entrepreneur must have a good knowledge of running a business. Prices must be set right, budgeting must be done well, taxes must be paid, employees must be taken care of and the business must make a profit.

In conclusion, holiday catering or thanksgiving catering has a good potential in the City of San Jose. however, knowing factors that contribute to the running of a successful catering business is very important.