Sports Event Party Catering

April 21, 2015 - Party Catering

Sports fans know that nothing really compares to watching the big game with your buddies and some great food and beverage. Of course, true fans will watch their team’s every game anyway, anyhow, but most of us love the company of our friends and family (or as many people as possible really, in order to get a great atmosphere). This probably explains why, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, sports viewing parties occupy a reliable chunk of our business here at the San Jose Catering Company. Due to an especially large demand for food and drink before and after college football games, we have tons of experience catering campus events at nearby colleges like Stanford and Santa Clara. The fact that party catering for sports games is consistently popular, year round, shows that, contrary to common belief, people don’t only find caterers for large events catering, such as at weddings, conferences, or business functions. Any Super Bowl party worth the name could gain a lot from a party caterer.

Which brings us to an event that any sports fan, especially of soccer (or football, if you want to be that way) should literally be drooling over in anticipation. And it’s happening right here in the South Bay.

This summer two of the biggest soccer teams in the world (or really any sports teams for that matter!) are coming to San Jose. Manchester United and Barcelona will be playing right here in Silicon Valley this July as part of the International Champions Cup North America. This is a huge event for sports fans in San Jose, since Manchester United hasn’t been all the way to the Bay Area for nearly 40 years.

These two giants recently (2009 and 2011) played each other in the final of the UEFA Champions League, the most prestigious club soccer tournament in the world. While Barcelona won both times, Manchester United is still by far the most popular sports team on the planet – some market research surveys suggest they have over 650 million fans…that’s twice the population of the United States.

World famous superstars like Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney will be on show when Manchester United and Barcelona play each other at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The San Jose Earthquakes, our local Major League Soccer team, will join these two European giants in the International Champions Cup, along with the most successful team in Mexico’s history, Club América.

The fact that such world famous names will be kicking around in the Avaya Stadium in San Jose and Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara means that we here at the San Jose Catering Company are expecting to be inundated with sports party catering requests. For fans in the area this summer, there will be nothing quite like getting a Manchester United or Barcelona themed (let’s not forget San Jose Earthquakes or Club América, no offense) summer party caterer to deck out your fan’s party. We’re sure tickets to these games will sell out quickly, but fear not! Whether it’s a during, pre, or post-game celebrations that you’re looking for, summer backyard party catering will be a great option if you can’t make it out to the stadiums.

Getting catering delivered, or drop off catering, is another terrific option for sports fans who just want everything dropped off right at their doorstep and nothing else. Easy, no fuss, no bother. That’s what a drop off caterer can give you. For an even easier, more convenient experience, you can always go with disposable catering so that, once you’ve enjoyed the game, you don’t have to worry about post-game cleanup. Just toss everything away.

As a catering company, we won’t mind the expected flood of activity in July. We too are sports lovers. We have been there to triumph and suffer alongside the fans we do business with, and have loved every minute of it. And, as true lovers of the game, we’ve all been waiting for quite a while for the San Jose Earthquakes and MLS as a whole to come into their own, to be a force to be reckoned with in American sports. For too long they have been in the shadow. Now, hopefully with the brand-name star power of Manchester United and Barcelona coming to town, San Jose sports will take off like never before.