Outdoor Catering

June 16, 2015 - Party Catering

While, for obvious reasons, we here at the San Jose Catering Company get requests for outdoor catering pretty much year round, those numbers are skyrocketing now that May is upon us. Outdoor catering is one of those things that always sound good, but things aren’t as easy as that. While, yes, it’s great to have an event out in the fresh air, it’s not for everyone and it’s certainly not for any time. You must first ensure that outdoor catering is what your particular set of tastes and needs require. But, as long as you’re aware of what outdoor catering entails, it can be a rewarding experience like none other.

By far the most requested type of catering for outside the house is barbeque catering. After all, one can’t really argue with the taste of some good chicken wings, kebabs, sausages, or ribs. When it comes to BBQ catering, however, you must decide, first and foremost, where to have it. From our personal experience, such events most often take the form of backyard catering. For some, the comfort and familiarity of their home is the easy choice. Others however, want something a bit more scenic and different than usual. That’s why another great option is to have your catering at a local park, like Lake Cunningham Park or Kelley Park. In fact, a lot of people specifically call in to ask about this sort of “picnic-style” catering. For something like this, we recommend that a large portion of your ordered food come in the form of cold cuts catering. Whether it’s a wide variety of cheeses or a delicious array of Italian salamis, such deli catering selections are sure to please those seeking a relaxing catering experience in the park.

Cleanup is another priority when it comes to catering outdoors. This is why disposable catering is an option you should strongly consider for your outdoor catering event. While it is true that all that disposable silverware and napkins can fly away on a windy day, there is nothing quite like being able to just throw everything away into a trash bin after your picnic, barbeque, or other outdoor event. After all, catering is there to provide a convenient, hassle-free experience, and there is nothing more convenient than disposable catering.

Catering in the outdoors may also require many additional items that indoor catering doesn’t. You have to think of whether there will be enough picnic tables, chairs, as well as the necessary arrangements for keeping your cold beverages cold.

Ask your summer party caterer whether they can assist you with such needs.  And don’t forget to ask about the insects! You want to enjoy the food, not the bugs. Experienced caterers can guide you in taking the appropriate measures to fend of all sorts of creatures.

Another way to ensure a smooth outdoor experience is to select drop off food that can be set up in your location with little to no preparation needed. Now, we aren’t talking about pizza or Chinese delivery here. Of course, we mean drop off catering. Getting your catering delivered is perfect for an event that is really out there, exposed to the elements. Who knows, maybe you want to have a fancy event on a cliff top near Half Moon Bay. Nothing wrong with having a gorgeous sunset as your backdrop, but first consider how much easier things will be with drop off catering.

Whatever you do, just put some thought into your outdoor catering preparations, and you’re guaranteed to have a memorable experience. We really do live in some of the best weather in the country (although some rain right about now would be great), and outdoor catering is a superb way to take advantage of that fact.