Holiday Catering in San Jose

June 30, 2015 - Party Catering

What a crazy month for catering June has been! Did you know that the catering business is largely seasonal? Spring and Winter are always the booming seasons for caterers, while Autumn and Summer are usually less so. Over here at San Jose Catering Company, we have seen probably the heaviest month of catering in our history for June. It may be because of the now growing economy, but it also has to do with the time of year.

When I first started in the catering industry four years ago, I didn’t believe that the business was nearly as seasonal as it was. We would see weekends in April and June where we had the entire staff running around in the kitchen preparing enough food for over a thousand people on some days. Most events, including weddings, corporate, and social parties, always seem to be held during the same months every year – in the spring and around the holidays. April, May, and June are usually great months for caterers, making it difficult not to be optimistic – until August, September, and October roll around which are notoriously slow months.

Sometimes I wish that the catering business didn’t fluctuate so much, but then again, that would mean that is wasn’t as exciting. I love the rush of excitement that we get as the huge orders come in throughout the Spring and Winter. If we were always busy, the experience wouldn’t be novel. But since it is, it gives our staff a rush of excitement – an opportunity to bond and work on something huge together. At the end of the day, it is all about the smiles that we can put on faces, knowing that we’ve fed thousands of people with delicious food.

To be honest with you, holiday catering is actually my favorite. Everyone is in the spirit and the food we cater is so reminiscent of home for me. Honey roasted ham, turkey, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, and for dessert – our famous mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar. Delicious! During these months, we cater for lots of corporate holiday parties, social events, and religious gatherings. Some of the most beautiful venues we have catered in have been in churches throughout the San Jose area, including the Bethel Church of San Jose, the First Unitarian Church of San Jose, and the San Jose Church of Christ. In these churches, we will cater for events from holiday gatherings, to weddings, to memorial services.

One of the great things about San Jose is the abundance of holiday activities that are available for free by the city and organizations. The live music, tree lighting, and all the activities they provide downtown are what make San Jose my true home. For a comprehensive list of the holiday activities in San Jose, you can visit the San Jose Downtown website.

Anyway, thank you for listening to my ramble on seasonal and holiday catering. Hopefully things slow down a little bit for us after July so that we can mentally prepare for the holiday season coming up.

All the Best,

George with San Jose Catering Company