5 Questions to Ask when Hiring Gilroy Caterers

June 22, 2016 - Party Catering

Finding the best Gilroy caterers for your event is not as hard
as many people belief. All what you need to do is to ensure that you take your
time and know what you need to look for in order to get the best ones. When you
have shortlisted three to five of the best caterers Gilroy, there are certain
questions you should ask them in order to get the ones who will offer you the
best deal in terms of cost and catering services during your event. Here are some
of the questions you should ask your potential caterers for your event or

Are you available on
my date?

This is the first question you need to ask your potential Gilroy
caterers. This is because if they are occupied during the day, them you do not
even have to do further consultation with them. It is also good to understand if
they have other commitments because if they do, it means that they might not
focus solely on your event. It is good to work with caterers who are free
during your day to ensure that you get high quality catering Gilroy services.

How long have you
been in this business?

You need to understand the level of experience of your potential
caterers in Gilroy. Therefore, you should never forget to ask them the duration
they have provided catering Gilroy services. They more the years, the higher
the chances that you will get high quality catering services that are
customised according to your specific needs. This is because they have skills
and knowledge attained through their ample experience in the industry.

Have you done similar
event or party before?

You do not want to hire Gilroy caterers who have never done
similar events like yours before. Such caterers might not be able to offer you
the best because this will be their first time. Look for those who have done
several events like yours in order to be assured of getting the best results. Such
caterers know the techniques to apply to manage your event in a way that
everyone will be satisfied.

What other services do
you offer?

It is advisable to work worth caterers Gilroy who have the
ability to offer wide range of services during your event. This will save you
the cost of hiring several professional for similar event. Look for caterers
who can help in selection of vendors, event designing, food presentation and
other services that you might need.

Do you have your own equipment
for the event?

You should ask if your potential caters will use their own equipment
during your event or they will hire them. Those who work using rented equipment
will charge you high price because they have to pay for them. So, it is good to
hire Gilroy caterers who have their own equipment to save on the cost. In
addition, having own equipment, it shows that they are ready, dedicated and
committed to providing the best Gilroy catering services to their clients.